What makes a good spill kit? 

A spill kit is there for when an emergency spill happens at a workplace; they’re designed to help your team when something has gone wrong and they need to quickly and efficiently fix the problem, while keeping everyone around the spill safe. 

If your business, organisation, factory or industry deals in dangerous liquids, it’s a legal requirement for you to have a spill kit on site. 

Spill kits help keep your people safe and they’re environmentally responsible. The difference between a good and a bad spill kit, could be the difference between an injury or environmental issue and a quickly rectified accident. 

A good spill kit depends on the kind of spill kit you need 

Spill kits are used in a variety of industries; in warehouses, transport, laboratories, production and manufacturing, restaurants, docks, marinas and other commercial industries. 

The type of industry you work in and the sort of hazardous liquids you deal with, will make a difference to the kind of spill kits you need – a good spill kit has everything you need to deal with the specific spill you might experience. 

The various kinds of spill kits include: 

  • General purpose spill kits: contain items to control a spill until it can be safely cleaned. 
  • Hazchem spill kits: these spill kits contain a special set of materials designed to deal with spills of hazardous substances. 
  • Oil and fuel spill kits: these spill kits contain oil absorbent pads. 
  • Lab and medical spill kits: these spill kits contain the most universally compatible absorbent material, to suit the broad range of substances available in labs. 
  • Marine spill kits: these are used to protect the marine ecosystem and remove a spill if it occurs at sea 

A good spill kit is well-labelled 

Spill kits must be easy to understand when the person who is dealing with them is under pressure. They must be clearly labelled, and ideally colour coded. They should also be kept in a well-signed container that is in a well-lit area. 

A good spill kit comes from a professional business 

Spill stations are a legal requirement to have at your business or place of work, and for good reason – they provide a clear course of action in an emergency. Without a spill kit your staff and workplace are at risk of injury from the spill. A good spill kit come from an experienced spill kit company, like Spill Station, who have been helping Australian businesses stay safe for over 30 years. Get more information on how they can provide you with the best spill station for your business.