Titanium Plate grades

Titanium Plate is a metal plate used in many industries. There are different grades of titanium. The titanium content and other elements in the composition determine the grade of it. There are about 40 grades of titanium. Some are commercially pure titanium and some are highly alloyed. Among all the grades, the grade 5 is the most used alloyed titanium. The grade 2 is the most used unalloyed titanium or commercially pure titanium. The applications include very high temperature prone applications, very high corrosion risk applications and very high pressure containment requiring applications as well. the titanium plate is very strong and therefore it could be used in structural engineering and architecture. The high temperature resistance of the plates makes them applicable for jet engines and aerospace applications. The high corrosion resistance of the material makes it used in marine and sea water applications.

The oxidation resistance properties along with the high strength allow this material to be used in medical industries and surgical equipment. Body implants, especially dental implants are made out of titanium as well. The titanium plates are made in sheets. The titanium sheet is made in standard sizes for ease of production and storage. They are then cut to sizes of necessary plate dimensions. The titanium grade 2 sheet prices are calculated per square foot. They could be transported as sheets to distributers or be cut to sizes for various applications. Some of the usages are to panel the inside and outside of chemical, oil, gas or food containers.