The Increasing Role Of Technology In Manufacturing

As more and more advancements are made throughout the realms of technology, its influence on various industries is felt.  The manufacturing industry, for example, has seen a particularly large technological progression throughout recent years, which has empowered manufacturers to optimize production processes, accelerate innovation, cut operational costs, and deliver superior quality products in response to market demands.

One such technology that enabled this optimization is known as digital twins, an IoT-driven innovation, which offers virtual representations of physical objects, enabling real-time data exchange. Manufacturers leverage digital twins to optimize performance, reduce costs, predict maintenance schedules, and simulate changes in production lines to assess their impact.

For more information surrounding digital twins and other technologically driven manufacturing integrations, see the infographic coupled alongside this post.

The Increasing Role Of Technology In Manufacturing, was contributed by Advanced Technology Services, an organization offering unique industrial solutions, such as electrical thermographic imaging