Some Of The Various Social Media Platforms You Can Use Paid Ads On

When your business wants an effective digital marketing strategy, it will want to use various channels to market and promote your company and its products or services. You will want to ensure that you are using social media in your strategy, and they are excellent for connecting with your target audience and attracting new customers through the ads you can place on the platforms. You will want to use a reputable social media agency to create, optimise, and manage your campaign, and some of the best platforms to use are listed below.


Facebook is the largest social media platform, with almost three billion active monthly users. It is an excellent platform for your business and allows you to create and publish content that resonates with your users and creates a following. You can increase your reach by using paid ads, and some of the ad options include:

  • Video Ads
  • Image Ads
  • Poll Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Slideshow Ads


Instagram is owned by Meta, the same company that owns Facebook, and they have the same types of ads available through this platform. It is an excellent platform for showcasing products, as it is very image and video focused. Your ads can cross between Facebook and Instagram, which can push the reach of your ads even further. With over one billion active monthly users, it can prove lucrative for your business to advertise on this social media platform.


Another excellent platform you can use for your business is LinkedIn, which is ideal when you are selling your products or services to other companies. You can get your adverts in front of the decision makers of businesses to generate their interest in the products or services you provide. The different types of ads on LinkedIn are similar to other social media platforms but are called by different names. With over 300 million users on the platform monthly, this professional business networking platform is an excellent platform to advertise your business and boost your sales significantly.


Another excellent platform you can use to promote your business and advertise is YouTube, which is the second largest platform with over 2.1 billion active monthly users. It offers various types of ads that might be suitable for your business, and they can show you an excellent return on investment when you have a well-managed and optimised ad campaign. With so many people and companies using this platform globally, it can be a perfect platform to help boost sales and grow your business.