Learning More about the Best Medical Marijuana Sativa Strains

A marijuana strain is some slight variation of the cannabis plant, which goes by the scientific name Cannabis sativa L. Traditionally, there are three recognized cannabis strains: indica, sativa, and hybrid. The sativa strain is believed to have originated from Africa, Asia, and South and Central America, and can be found naturally in a wide range of countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, and Cambodia.

The Best Medical Marijuana Sativa Strains has been developed and genetically bred over the centuries to promote specific characteristics of the plant. Cannabis products derived from the sativa strain are known for their energizing and uplifting effects. Sativa strains typically contain a higher amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) than cannabinoids which causes more euphoria and cerebral effects than Indica strains. The sativa strain produces many benefits and is often associated with the treatment of mental health conditions such as depression. The sativa strain has also been historically great for boosting appetite, in addition to providing an often spacey and cerebral high.

Sativa cannabis strains are best for daytime use and socializing. These strains are also known to stimulate creativity and help you focus.

Cannabis Sativa plants are opposite of the Indica strains and grow tall and thin with narrow leaves. Sativa plants are also generally a lighter shade of green then their counterpart, the Indica strain. Sativa strains take longer to grow, mature and require more light. Medicine produced from cannabis Sativa plants has lower CBD and higher THC counts. A few of the best Medical Marijuana Sativa Strains are given below.

The World Famous Strain: Jack Herer:

The multi-award winning Jack Herer is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that’s actually traditionally only about 55% sativa. It leaves you in a state of blissful happiness and, given that it contains on average around 15-24% THC with a low level of CBD (around 1-2%). The strain’s namesake was actually an advocate for the legalization of cannabis, and in honor of his life, Mr. Herer has been immortalized forever in this insanely popular strain. It boasts a super spicy aroma and delivers a sensory treat with cold tones that will definitely cool you down, making it highly desired by those suffering from lung problems, as the cooling sensation can be incredibly relieving.

The Espresso Strain: Durban Poison

This super-potent strain is known as a pure sativa and offers a hard-hitting high. This is the strain that gives a high that could be compared to having dozens of espresso shots all at once.

Durban Poison is best known for its creative boost that is perfect for daytime consumption and getting you off to a productive start. THC levels in this strain have been known to reach a whopping 24%, which makes it one of the stronger strains on the market. Also, with a distinctive sweet and spicy aroma that has some fruity notes, Durban Poison is renowned for its happy head high, and also comes with a few medicinal benefits such as migraine-relief, increased appetite, and anti-emetic properties.

The Comical Strain: Hawaiian Snow:

Hawaiian Snow is 80% sativa to 20% Indica, so the effects on offer range from uplifting and cerebral to incredibly energizing. This strain is regularly suggested to those who suffer from anxiety and depression and is renowned for its ability to elevate moods. With up to 24% THC levels, it’s another strong one and users can expect to feel a rush of energy and creativity when consuming this strain. With scents often compared to incense, the rich eucalyptus aroma delivers an underlying citrusy note that’s appealing in more ways than one. Also, it’s most famous for its ability to send the user into a state of uncontrollable giggles, so proceed with caution for this particular strain.

If motivation and a drive to achieve is what you need, then the Best Medical Marijuana Sativa Strains given above would be fantastic options. Likewise, anyone looking for relief from depression or something to improve their overall mood can expect great results when using sativa and sativa dominant strains.